October 24, 2013 — Paul Albert William Montiel — Richard Allen Fudge Day!

Paul was a very kind,sweet man. He just wanted to be loved, he was diagnosed woith bipolar disease and he tried so hard, he fought the good fight but God decided he should go home. I miss him every second of every day, I can not believe he is gpone. He was my son, my heart, my protector and my best fruend, he is loved and I know he is here with me because he gives me signs, he is happy and at peace and that is all I ever wanted for my baby. I want to thank every person that said a prayer for my baby, I am so happy to have found this site and I pray for all the kids everyday. I wish I could help each and everyone of you. Paul, I love and miss you more than I can ever have words for .
Love you always baby, MOM xoxoxooxoxoxoxox

The Prayer Site

Today we come together to focus our attention on two beloved Prayer Registry Children: Paul Albert William Montiel who passed on October 24, 2012 and Richard Allen Fudge who passed on October 24, 1985.

To listen to the prayer for the children use this link:  

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To open  “Learn to Meditate—Initiate Connection With Spirit” or “The Love Infusion” scroll down.

Dear Prayer Giver,

Take a moment to sit down and bring all of your awareness into this sacred present moment. Allow your thoughts and cares of the day slip away from you now as you enter the present moment completely. Slowly take in a deep breath and slowly let the breath out; breathing in deeply and exhaling fully. And again, inhale slowly and exhale thoroughly.

As you read these words, take the time to really feel and think about what you…

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